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Markup & Profit: A Contractor's Guide, Revisited

Product Code/ISBN: 9781572182714

Markup & Profit hands you an easy-to-apply "toolkit" of practical rules and procedures to ensure that your business succeeds and doesn't become another construction statistic.

Here you'll find simple and useful formulas, like one for determining the perfect amount of markup to apply to all your jobs -- based on your personal business needs and the type of work (remodeling, new construction, commercial). Or the formula on how to determine the number of employees you should have, based on your workflow. Or whether you should rent or purchase the tools or equipment you need for a specific job.

You'll find the nuts and bolts of determining markup:

  • How to determine your financial requirements
  • How to estimate your actual job costs
  • How to compute your actual overhead expenses
  • And how to project your sales volume, so that you can price every job to guarantee the profit you've set for yourself!

Markup & Profit Revisited hands you hundreds of these practical iron-clad ideas that you can immediately put to work to improve your profitability. It's jam-packed with unconventional ideas on attracting new work. And full of advice on the age-old construction business questions -- like whether you should buy or lease tools and equipment -- or how to determine what jobs you should do yourself, and when to hire it done.

Order your copy today -- before you're tempted to low-ball another bid, just to get the work to keep your crews busy. Includes a download to free forms and worksheets!