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Math for Carpentry and Construction

Product Code/ISBN: 9781635632149
Math for Carpentry and Construction is a combination text and workbook designed to help carpentry and construction students learn and apply basic math skills. The concept behind each math operation is explained at the opening of the unit. Next, students are given clear instruction for performing the operation. Each unit includes a variety of carpentry-and construction-related practice problems to reinforce what the students have learned. The practice problems are identical to the types of problems the students will be required to solve in a carpentry shop or on a construction site. In addition to teaching fundamental math concepts, the problems give students a preview of the types of challenges they will face in a work environment. This helps the students develop solid troubleshooting skills that will serve them throughout their careers as carpenters and builders.

  • Problems range in complexity from solving simple equations to using the Pythagorean Theorem.
  • Math Tips underscore important points and provide additional easy-to-understand examples.
  • Answers to odd-numbered practice problems are provided in the back of the book.