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Math for HVACR

Product Code/ISBN: 9781631269288

HVACR applications require a heavy amount of math and sometimes all you need is a light refresher.  Don’t try and rely on your math courses from high school or college, grab a copy of Math for HVACR and get the refresher you deserve.  This must-have book comes packed with all the basic and advanced calculations you need to be successful.  From geometry to algebra to trigonometry and ratios this book has everything you need! It is a perfect text for those who just need a slight reminder or for students taking a course in HVACR.  Some of the more focused parts of the manual include percentages, proportions, measurements, electrical calculations, and other mathematical functions. 

The book comes compiled in a write-in format to help you not only learn the functions you need to learn but to practice them as well.  From basic problems faced in the HVACR job-site to more complicated math instruction this is the perfect book for all HVACR workers.  Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to add this book to your collection!

Table of Contents:

  1. Whole Numbers
  2. Fractions
  3. Decimals
  4. Percentages, Ratios, and Proportions
  5. Measurement
  6. Algebraic Functions
  7. Geometric Functions
  8. Trigonometric Functions
  9. Electrical Measurement and Calculation
  10. Practical Applications

About the author: Gary B. Xavier has over 50 years of experience in the HVACR field and is the author of over a dozen technical books.  These books range from training books to slide presentations that are used to train technicians and engineers throughout the United States and Canada.  He currently provides consulting services on HVACR and boiler systems while also conducting different seminars for the HVACR field.  His clientele includes the Department of Defense, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, General Motors, Ford, Boeing, Pepsi, the United States Department of State and many more industry leaders.