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Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings

Product Code/ISBN: 9781118615904

Twice winner of the AIA Citation for Excellence in International Architecture Book Publishing the Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings, 11th Edition is the next book you need to add to your library. It has been a staple in the architectural community for years and is a comprehensive guide to the latest technologies, newest trends, and meaningful codes. Updated with over 2,200 illustration which include 200 brand new to the 11th edition, this is a must-have manual you won’t want to miss out on.

Table of Contents



Part I Design Context

  1. Design Process
  2. Environmental Resources
  3. Site and Resources
  4. Comfort and Design Strategies
  5. Indoor Air Quality

Part II Thermal Control

  1. Solar Geometry and Shading Devices
  2. Heat Flow
  3. Designing for Heating and Cooling
  4. HVAC for Smaller Buildings
  5. Large Building HVAC Systems

Part III Illumination

  1. Lighting Fundamentals
  2. Light Sources
  3. Lighting Design Process
  4. Daylighting Design
  5. Electrical Lighting Design
  6. Electric Lighting Applications

Part IV Acoustics

  1. Fundamentals of Architectural Acoustics
  2. Sound in Enclosed Spaces
  3. Building Noise Control

Part V Water and Waste

  1. Water and Basic Design
  2. Water Supply
  3. Liquid Waste
  4. Solid Waste

Part VI Fire Protection

  1. Fire Protection

Part VII Electricity

  1. Principles of Electricity
  2. Electrical Systems and Materials, Service and Utilization
  3. Electrical Systems and Materials, Wiring and Raceways
  4. Electric Wiring Design
  5. Photovoltaic Systems

Part VIII Signal Systems

  1. Signal Systems

Part IX Transportation

  1. Vertical Transportation: Passengers Elevators
  2. Vertical Transportation, Special Topics
  3. Moving Stairways and Walks

Part X Appendices

Appendix A Metrication, SI Units, and Conversions

Appendix B Climatic Conditions for the United States, Canada, and Mexico

Appendix C Solar and Daylighting Design Data

Appendix D Solar Geometry

Appendix E Thermal Properties of Materials and Assemblies

Appendix F Heating and Cooling Design Guidelines and Information

Appendix G Standards/Guidelines for Energy – and Resource-Efficient Building Design

Appendix H Annual Solar Performance

Appendix I Economic Analysis

Appendix J Lamp Data

Appendix K Sound Transmission Data for Walls

Appendix L Sound Transmission and Impact Insulation Data for Floor/Ceiling Constructions

Appendix M Design Analysis Software