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Modern Carpentry 12th

Product Code/ISBN: 9781631260834

Modern Carpentry, 12th Edition is the perfect guide to help you go over all aspects of light construction.  This manual covers everything from roofing, to framing, to site preparation and finishing!  Other topics include sheathing, windows, stairs, cabinetry, and foundations.  There is also a special section that covers topics such as chimneys, decks, and fireplaces.  Included in the text are several different building trade chapters that have to deal with electrical, HVACR, and plumbing.  This is a great overview guide to everything that has to do with light construction. 

Brand new to the 12th edition is a new chapter titled “Green Building and Certification Programs”.  This chapter features different green thinking initiatives.  There is also added coverage of the International Residential Code as well as OSHA requirements to increase safety on your job site.  If you are looking to pursue a career in carpentry there is a chapter dedicated to the careers in carpentry.  It covers when you need to do as a student to jumpstart your career as well as the basic skills and attitudes needed to be successful.  Don’t miss out on this amazing deal!

Table of Contents

  1. The Carpenter’s Workplace
  2. Safety
  3. Building Materials
  4. Hand Tools
  5. Power Tools
  6. Scaffolds, Ladders, and Rigging
  7. Plans, Specifications, and Codes
  8. Building Layout
  9. Footings and Foundations
  10. Floor Framing
  11. Wall and Ceiling Framing
  12. Roof Framing
  13. Framing with Steel
  14. Roofing Materials and Methods
  15. Windows and Exterior Doors
  16. Exterior Wall Finish
  17. Thermal and Sound Insulation
  18. Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish
  19. Finish Flooring
  20. Stair Construction
  21. Doors and Interior Trim
  22. Cabinetry
  23. Painting, Finishing, and Decorating
  24. Chimneys and Fireplaces
  25. Post-and-Beam Construction
  26. Systems-Built Housing
  27. Green Building and Certification Programs
  28. Remodeling, Renovating, and Repairing
  29. Building Decks and Porches
  30. Electrical Wiring
  31. Plumbing Systems
  32. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning