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Modern Metalworking 10th

Product Code/ISBN: 9781631263415

Modern Metalworking, 10th Edition gives you the comprehensive overview and perfect introduction to metal work that you have been looking for.  This must-have manual covers everything from information about the tools and machines used to the skills needed to pursue a career in the metalworking field.  The text covers more traditional methods of metalworking as well as the newer modern methods and the technologies emerging that are changing the field.  There is also a step-by-step section for safety in all metalwork that is mandatory to practice in your processes and techniques. 

The new 10th Edition brings to the table a new layout that makes this text perfect for student learning.  The CNC has been updated and expanded to give students the perfect introduction to programming and machining.  There are also brand new chapters on manufacturing, careers, and a new feature which starts every chapter to help students learn more about educational goals needed to pursue a future in metalworking. 

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Manufacturing
  2. Careers in Metalworking
  3. Safety Practices
  4. Classifying Metals
  5. Understanding Drawings
  6. Measurement
  7. Layout Work
  8. Hand Tools
  9. Hand Tools that Cut
  10. Hand Threading
  11. Fasteners
  12. Sand Casting
  13. Metal Casting Techniques
  14. Powder Metallurgy
  15. Sheet Metal
  16. Metal Spinning
  17. Cold Forming Metal Sheet
  18. Forging
  19. Extrusion Process
  20. Sawing and Cutoff Machines
  21. Drills and Drilling Machines
  22. Grinding
  23. Metal Lathe
  24. Other Lathe Operations
  25. Cutting Tapers and Screw Threads on a Lathe
  26. Milling Machines
  27. Introduction to Computer Numerical Control and Automation
  28. Introduction to CNC Programming and Machining
  29. Nontraditional Machining Techniques
  30. Soldering and Brazing
  31. Gas Welding
  32. Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  33. Other Welding Processes
  34. Heat Treatment of Metals
  35. Quality Control
  36. Metal Finishes
  37. Art Metal
  38. Wrought Metal