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Modern Sustainable Residential Design

Product Code/ISBN: 9780470126738

Although you have come across many different books that provide you with in depth information on green residential design, we can guarantee you have never come across a book like this before.  Modern Sustainable Residential Design: A Guide for Design Professionals doesn’t only give you this same in depth information on green residential design, it will also provide you a way to implement and use them in your designs. 

This is the perfect guide for architects, interior designs, and builders.  This necessary text will help to outline every solution for including different sustainable design aspects into your future designs.  This must-have guide also comes packed with different modern designs to help you see real-world implications.  From the Solar Umbrella House to the LivingHome you will see how these designs affect the bottom line and can change your future projects. 

This is a fantastic guide to have if you want to learn more about green design and you are tired of the same design books that are available everywhere.  You won’t want to start another project without this helpful companion text by your side!

Table of Contents


1. Sustainable Modern Homes: Historical Context
2. The Design Process
3. Green Building: The Contractor’s Perspective
4. House as a Systems
5. Materials for the Modern Home
6. Landscape Architecture and the Sustainable Modern Home
7. Construction Documents for Homes
8. Residential Interiors



Vanguard Sustainable Homes

Black House, Prickwillow, England

Shenandoah Retreat, Warren County, Virginia

Yoga Studio and Residence, Bluemont, Virginia

700 Palms Residence, Venice, California

Trinity Apartments, Auckland New Zealand

Solar Umbrella House, Venice, California

Beals’ Residence, Atlanta, Georgia

Dominey Residence, Atlanta, Georgia

Lightcatcher, Atlanta, Georgia

Lightroom Studio, Decatur, Georgia

Carter Residence, Atlanta, Georgia

Shot-Trot House, Houston, Texas

Johnson-Jones Residence, Phoenix, Arizona

The 4-Parts House, Seattle, Washington

Capitol Hill House, Seattle, Washington

DESIGNHabitat2 Initiative, Auburn, Alabama

LivingHomes, Los Angeles, California

10. Teaching Design/Build: Studio 804