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Moving the Earth: The Workbook of Excavation, Sixth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780071502672

The Sixth Edition of Moving the Earth provides hands-on information about all current excavation practices and regulations. The book covers the latest excavation techniques, machines and their operation, problems that arise in excavation work, the application of different types of equipment, as well as costs and management. From site preparation to blasting and tunneling, from pneumatic drills to the largest power shovels, this comprehensive, step-by-step reference explains every kind of excavating project, together with guidance on optimizing the machines and vehicles involved. Since 1955, Moving the Earth has stood as the standard source of practical know-how for the excavation and construction industries. Geared to the needs of the men and women who do the actual earthmoving, this is a book as massive as the tasks they perform -- an all-encompassing guide that covers every aspect of site preparation and management, and that details every machine and vehicle needed to perform each task.  This edition -- the first in twenty years -- completely updates all the information to cover the latest advances in equipment and operating techniques, as well as important safety and environmental issues. From clearing the land to tunneling beneath it - From old-fashioned hand leveling to highly accurate laser alignment -- From freeing a tractor from the mud to basic bookkeeping to keep your costs from bogging down -- This book explains how to do it correctly and efficiently. For the small contractor, the foreman, and the operator -- as well as the engineer,the architect, the superintendent, and the student -- Moving the Earth is a professional accessory as indispensable as your hard hat.

"The down-in-the-dirt standard work for the excavation industry."

- Military Engineer

"Helps solve the thousands of problems that face the earthmoving contractor. Complete, well-illustrated."

- Construction Equipment

Table of Contents:

  • Ch. 1 Land clearing and controls
  • Ch. 2 Surveys and measurements
  • Ch. 3 Rock, soil, and mud
  • Ch. 4 Basements
  • Ch. 5 Ditching and dewatering
  • Ch. 6 Ponds and earth dams
  • Ch. 7 Landscaping and agricultural grading
  • Ch. 8 Roadways
  • Ch. 9 Blasting and tunneling
  • Ch. 10 Pit operation
  • Ch. 11 Costs and management
  • Ch. 12 Basic information
  • Ch. 13 Revolving shovels and excavators
  • Ch. 14 Conveyor machinery
  • Ch. 15 Tractors and bulldozers
  • Ch. 16 Front-end loaders
  • Ch. 17 Scrapers
  • Ch. 18 Trucks
  • Ch. 19 Grading and compacting machinery
  • Ch. 20 Compressors and drills
  • Ch. 21 Auxiliary equipment