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National Electrical Code Pocket Guide to Commercial and Industrial Electrical Installations 2020

Product Code/ISBN: PGNECIND20

Stay current with the up-to-date requirements for commercial and industrial installations with the NEC Pocket Guide, designed to put the most commonly accessed NEC rules at your fingertips for improved safety, accuracy, and efficiency. Featuring a new 4ʺ x 6ʺ size, and thumb tabs that make it easier to navigate to the content you require, this new edition is updated to account for significant additions and changes in the NEC.


The NEC Pocket Guide to Commercial and Industrial Electrical Installations includes topics ranging from limited energy and communication systems to worker safety and new energy systems covered in the 2020 NEC. Content is extracted directly from the NEC, and organized in the logical sequence of a typical construction project.

The world keeps changing, so it's essential you keep learning how to help protect it. Bring the NEC requirements and information you need most with you on the job with the NEC Pocket Guide to Commercial and Industrial Electrical Installations.

This 2020 edition includes the tables and charts necessary for safer and more accurate commercial and industrial installations as well as frequently used requirements, including:


Boxes and enclosures

Wiring methods


Lighting requirements

Temporary wiring

Branch-circuit, feeder, and service calculations

Switchboards, panelboards, and disconnects

Overcurrent protection


Emergency systems

Be confident that you have the resources you need to maximize safety and proficiency in commercial and residential electrical installations.