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NEC Analysis of Changes, 2017 Edition

Product Code/ISBN: NEC17CHG

The National Electrical Code analysis of changes, 2017 edition has many different updates and significant new strategies to efficiently and effectively install and manage electrical systems in the best possible way. This book is the best and easiest way to maximize your time spent and get updated with the new code changes fast, so you can get back to working in the real world and effectively input these changes. Many electrical professionals rely on these Analysis of Changes series to help them learn and update their knowledge with the latest edition of the 2017 National Electrical Code.

There are specific summaries for the 250 top revisions in the 2017 National Electrical Code to help you save time and effort but learn about the changes in the most effective way possible. Among other things, learn about the new safety methods to make sure you do not injure yourself or others with your work and there are also updates that improve protection for the installer himself.

One big change is the use of refurbished or used equipment. As of 2017 Reconditioned equipment shall be marked and made clear to its new owner the name, trademark, or other descriptive marking, identifying the organization responsible for reconditioning the electrical equipment. This update in the 2017 National Electrical Code would also require the date of the reconditioning to be provided as well. This information will give trace-ability to the equipment along with the information needed to the purchaser, operator as to who is responsible for the reconditioning and when the work was performed.

This is just one change among others that ensures if anything goes wrong at anytime when using a refurbished or upgraded piece of equipment, that it is all accountable for, recorded and documented. This way, the reader, or the worker, will know who to contact or look to if an equipment failure did in-fact cause a problem.