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NFPA 1616 Standard on Mass Evacuation, Sheltering, and Re-entry Programs 2017

Product Code/ISBN: NFPA 1616-17

The NFPA 1616 Standard on Mass Evacuation, Sheltering, and Re-entry Programs is based on the NFPA 1600 and provides you with information on evacuation, sheltering, and re-entry programs all around times of distress and disaster. It gives you the opportunity to create a checklist plan to make sure you cover all the bases when times get tough and covers everything from planning, implementation, and exercises to program maintenance and program management.

Table of Contents

  1. Administration
    1. Scope
    2. Purpose
    3. Application
  2. Referenced Publications
    1. General
    2. NFPA Publications
    3. Other Publications
    4. References for Extracts in Mandatory Sections
  3. Definitions
    1. General
    2. NFPA Official Definitions
    3. General Definitions
  4. Mass Evacuation, Sheltering, and Re-entry Program Management
    1. Leadership and Commitment
    2. Program Coordinator
    3. Program Working Group
    4. Program Administration
    5. Performance Objectives
    6. Records Management
    7. Laws and Authorities
    8. Finance and Administration
  5. Planning
    1. Plan Requirements
    2. Plan Assumptions
    3. Plan Format
    4. Planning Process
    5. Threat, Hazard Identification, and Risk Assessment
    6. Requirements Analysis
    7. Resource Needs Assessment
    8. Communications and Public Information
    9. Warning, Notifications, and Communications
    10. Operational Procedure Planning
  6. Implementation
    1. Incident Recognition
    2. Situational Assessments
    3. Notifications and Activation
    4. Mobilization
    5. Evacuation Operations
    6. Sheltering Operations
    7. Transition to Re-Entry
  7. Training and Education
    1. Curriculum
    2. Goals of the Curriculum
    3. Scope and Frequency of Instruction
    4. Record Keeping
    5. Regulatory and Program Requirements
    6. Public Education
    7. Training Delivery
  8. Exercises
    1. Program Evaluation
    2. Exercise Methodology
    3. Design of Exercises
    4. Exercise Evaluation
    5. Frequency
  9. Program Maintenance and Improvement
    1. Program Reviews
    2. Corrective Actions
    3. Continuous Improvement

Annex A Explanatory Material

Annex B Self-Assessment for Conformity with NFPA 1616

Annex C Risk Management of Mass Evacuation, Sheltering, and Re-entry

Annex D Mass Evacuation Requirements Analysis

Annex F Re-entry Requirements Analysis

Annex G People with Disabilities and Other Access and Functional Needs

Annex H Animals

Annex I Mandatory Evacuation

Annex J Emergency Communication: Public Alerts and Warning

Annex K Social Media Support

Annex L Just-in-Time Training Support

Annex M Mass Evacuation, Sheltering, and Re-entry Data Interoperability

Annex N List of Acronyms

Annex O Informational References