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NFPA 55 Compressed Gases

Product Code/ISBN: 9781455923335

Working with gases and cryogenic fluids can be extremely dangerous.  NFPA 55: Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Fluids can help you not only have safety in everything you do, but also let you know about the best practices and techniques in the trade.  These materials require a special amount of safety to offer protection from the physiological, over-pressurization, explosive, and flammability dangers that are always prevalent.  The brand-new 2020 edition comes complete with all of the newest changes and additions in installation, use, storage, and handling.  Don’t get stuck with older codes and older techniques, make sure you upgrade today to stay compliant with the newest laws.

The NFPA 55 brings changes to the industry that includes:

  • A complete reorganization of hydrogen requirements and the requirements needed to clarify system sizes
  • A brand-new chapter that addresses the use and safe storage of liquid nitrous oxide.
  • Brand-new changes to the CO2 systems requirements

This is an essential guide manual for contractors, engineers, facility managers, and installers.  Anyone who works with gases and cryogenic fluids and is responsible for the safety in those environments needs a copy of this book!

Table of Contents

  1. Administration
  2. Referenced Publications
  3. Definitions
  4. General Requirements
  5. Classifications of Hazards
  6. Building-Related Controls
  7. Compressed Gases
  8. Cryogenic Fluids
  9. Bulk Oxygen Systems
  10. Gas Hydrogen Systems
  11. Bulk Liquefied Hydrogen Systems
  12. Gas Generation Systems
  13. Insulated Liquid Carbon Dioxide Systems
  14. Storage, Handling, and Use of Ethylene Oxide for Sterilization and Fumigation
  15. Acetylene Cylinder Charging Plants
  16. Liquid Nitrous Oxide Systems

Annex A Explanatory Material

Annex B Attended Operations

Annex C Physical Properties of Hydrogen

Annex D Significant Properties of Ethylene Oxide

Annex E Determination of Separation Distances for Bulk Gaseous Hydrogen Systems

Annex F Sample Ordinance Adopting NFPA 55

Annex G OSHA Requirements for Hydrogen Systems

Annex H Explanation of Methodology Utilized to Develop Separation Distances Table, Table, and Table

Annex I Informational References