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NFPA 72 - National Fire Alarm Code 2016, Handbook

Product Code/ISBN: 72HB16

Get up-to-speed on the new 2016 NFPA 72 with the National Fire Alarm Code Handbook! When you have questions about today’s fire alarm system requirements, the 2016 National Fire Alarm Code Handbook has the answers!

Significant new and revised provisions concerning such important topics as Mass Notification Systems, smoke detection in joist and beam ceiling applications, video image smoke and flame detection, multi-sensor and multi-criteria detectors, exit marking audible notification appliances, synchronization of visible notification appliances and smoke alarms with voice offer enormous potential for improving fire protection and life safety. The National Fire Alarm Code Handbook is your key to doing jobs right the first time.

Achieve job and compliance success with proven solutions!

From cover to cover, NFPA’s exclusive roadmap to the Code is loaded with the extra facts you need to keep projects on time and up-to-Code:

  • The complete text of the 2016 NFPA 72
  • Authoritative commentary from industry authorities such as Bob Schifiliti, P.E.; Jeff Moore, P.E.; Daniel Gottuk, Ph.D., P.E.; and Thomas Hammerberg, SET, CFPS
  • Real-world examples of how to apply fire alarm requirements in specific situations
  • A wealth of tables and valuable two-color graphics that help you apply Code rules correctly
  • New Supplements about timely subjects that impact your work including current research and its effect on the Code, and fire alarm system (enabling) requirements from the Life Safety Code