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NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities Handbook 2021

Product Code/ISBN: 9781455925872

Facility managers, installers, designers, inspectors, and enforcers rely on Health Care Facilities Code criteria to help protect lives and property in the broad range of health care settings. The NFPA 99 Handbook, 12th edition, 2021, is the leading resource for assisting users in comprehending code concepts and learning to apply vital safety provisions in your work.

This code  provides criteria for electrical systems, gas and vacuum systems, mechanical systems, medical equipment, and health care emergency management, security, and patient safety based on risk. Expert commentary throughout provides added insight into interpreting requirements and assists in explaining complex ideas to non-technical people.

Features of the handbook include:

  • Full coverage of all 16 chapters and 4 annexes of the code
  • Four-color text and visuals, including photos, illustrations, graphics, and charts
  • Summary of Technical Changes table offering an overview of major code changes from 2018 to the 2021 edition of NFPA 99
  • Code change indicators (shading = revisions, bullet points = deletions, “N” = new content)
  • Survey Preparedness providing the perspective of the surveyor in detailing the types of things they will be looking for and their expectations
  • Existing facilities icons for easier identification of code requirements that apply to existing facilities
  • Test Procedures offering specific methods for installation tests and verification tests for medical gas systems
  • Closer Looks discuss topics for more in-depth coverage of critical topics at the end of various chapters
  • CMS K-Tags placed near the applicable code sections providing the NFPA 99 specific K-Tags from CMS Fire Safety Survey Report (Form 2786R)
  • Sample checklists you can use to verify requirements of various components of the code are met
  • Complete index of the NFPA 99 Code
  • Three supplement sections on Security in Health Care, NFPA Resources and Disaster Impact on Hospital Electrical Systems and Lessons Learned

The NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code Handbook is revised for compatibility with the 2021 edition.

This essential reference for anyone with concerns for health care facility safety helps clarify concepts and speeds up the process of getting you up to date with the latest criteria. The NFPA 99 Handbook accounts for significant changes to the code, including:

  • New requirements for performing site acceptance testing and implementing an electrical preventive maintenance program in Chapter 6 (This revision introduces consistent guidance on prescriptive intervals for installation, testing, and maintenance (ITM) into NFPA 99 and consolidates existing requirements and guidance that were previously scattered in several places so that facilities can find a comprehensive list of minimum requirements for such a program. This allows the ITM requirements to be in a publicly reviewed, consensus process where feedback can lead to changes)
  • New section using healthcare microgrids (a new application of technology that is a viable option to be used as an alternate source of power) as an emergency power supply system
  • Introduction of the concept of a responsible facility authority including the compilation and clarification of responsibilities, qualification, and a permit-to-work system (The permit-to-work system, previously a best practice, is now a required aspect to appropriately manage and maintain medical gas systems)
  • New extracts from NFPA 55 for Cryogenic Fluids and NFPA 110 for Emergency Standby Power Systems to make it easier for the users to understand all of the requirements without having to flip between codes and standards
  • Updated definition of home care, which helps clarify that NFPA 99 should apply to certain commercially operated facilities are not considered to be home care facilities