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North Carolina State Building Code: Administrative Code 2018

Product Code/ISBN: 5700L18

The 2018 North Carolina State Building Code: Administrative Codes and Policies contains all the administrative codes and policies from the 2015 North Carolina State Building Codes. The 2018 version brings together all of the codes you need and covers everything from permits to appeals and administrative policies. Don’t get caught with an outdated code book. Order your 2018 version today and comply with the newest regulations and standards!

Table of Contents

  1. Administrative Code
    1. Title and Scope
    2. Rule-making to Amend the Technical Codes
    3. Appeals
    4. Administration
    5. Alternate Material, Design or Methods
    6. Permits
    7. Inspections
  2. Administrative Policies
    1. Scope
    2. Building Code Council
    3. North Carolina Department of Insurance
    4. City and County Government
    5. Other Agencies
  3. Reprint of the General Statutes Pertaining to the Enforcement of the North Carolina State Building Code
    1. Reference List of the General Statutes

Appendix A – Permit Application Information Sheet

Appendix B – 2018 Building Code Summary for All Commercial Projects

Appendix C – Code Change Proposal North Carolina Building Code Council

Appendix D – Affidavit of Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Appendix E – Appeals North Carolina Building Code Council

Appendix F – Owner Exemption Affidavit

About the ICC: The International Code Council was created to organize and enforce the adoption of a more congruent codes in the industry. Their main purpose is to join the code together into one uniform adoption that companies, businesses, and governments can choose to use. States and counties can also choose to add on to the code, using the original ICC code as a base to some of the more specific codes for different regions and areas. Their mission is to protect the health, safety and welfare of people by creating codes for safe buildings and communities. They were originally established in 1994 as a nonprofit organization but have grown over the years to incorporate many different companies and branch offs of the ICC.