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Operating Techniques for the Tractor-Loader-Backhoe

Product Code/ISBN: 0911785019

This revised edition of a classic operation manual explains standard machine operations for the tractor-loader-backhoe. How to work with weight distribution, momentum, pitch of slope, and center of gravity. It covers all the important issues of safety and maintenance.

Then it delves into the work:

  • How to dig around utilities
  • How to plan jobs
  • Set-up techniques
  • Grading and compaction techniques
  • Trenching procedures
  • Loading material
  • Clearing land
  • Demolition methods

This practical book is filled with illustrations, photos, and sample tests you need to help you master practically all the techniques and usages of this versatile machine.

Used in training programs throughout the US, this really is the most practical hands-on book available on operating the tractor-loader-backhoe!