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Passive Solar Design and Construction Handbook

Product Code/ISBN: 471183083

The Passive Solar Design and Construction Handbook is the perfect companion guide for any architects or contractors that are looking to add more passive solar residential design features into their projects.  This is the only current and up-to-date guide that will adapt standard building practices to current passive solar applications.  This text will help you to know more about supplies providing details, practical aspects, step-by-step information, and different building techniques to keep you in the loop and current with all your designs.  There is truly no other guide on the market like this one to help you with passive solar design and how to include key concepts into your architecture and construction. 

From principles of whole house designs, to various solar home types to regional issues and unique design opportunities this book has it all.  It even comes packed with over 300 illustrations to make sure you understand the concepts and has real life case studies to help you understand practical applications.  Before you start your next project, grab a copy of this book.  It can potentially save you hours of research time conveniently putting all the information you need into one, handy guide, and omitting the rest. This is a great guide for anyone looking to improve their architecture designs.  Don’t complete another design without it!

Table of Contents

Passive Solar Fundamentals

Direct Gain

Thermal Storage Wall

Attached Sunspace

Connective Loop





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