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Perfect Phrases for Business Proposals and Business Plans

Product Code/ISBN: 71459944

The Right Phrase for the Right Situation, Every Time. How can you write a business plan or proposal that will turn readers into enthusiastic supporters and investors? It takes emphasizing the right ideas and actions with the right words.

In Perfect Phrases for Business Plans and Business Proposals, Don Debelak draws from his research findings and consultancy experience to give you a virtual blueprint to successful communication.

You'll find hundreds of hundreds of effective, ready-to-use phrases for business plans and proposals for every type of business, which will help you to:

  • Tailor your approach to turn on your target audience
  • Show how and why you can meet customers' needs
  • Describe your market niche and how you'll successfully serve that niche
  • Effectively demonstrate the profitability of your ideas

Business plans and proposals are designed to sell your ideas. Perfect Phrases for Business Plans and Business Proposals is your easy-to-use guide to writing a winning plan or proposal that will get you closer to your goals!