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Perfect Phrases for Dealing with Difficult Situations at Work

Product Code/ISBN: 71597328

No matter how much you love your job, you will inevitably run into difficult situations on the job that test your ability to keep your cool. This handy reference of ready-to-use phrases will help you avoid disasters, steer clear of sticky circumstances with co-workers, and leave your temper in control.

If you're asked to give an impromptu presentation or you accidentally send a personal e-mail to your boss, you'll have the best words for every situation, including:

  • Handling criticism and being heard criticizing
  • Picking up the ball when someone else has dropped it
  • Getting credit for your project when an associate takes the praise
  • Deflecting a flirtatious client or coworker

Filled with phrases for every mistake, mix-up, and mishap that can happen on the job, this guide will be become your best friend in the workplace!