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Perfect Phrases for Documenting Employee Performance Problems

Product Code/ISBN: 71454071

Performance reviews are among the most powerful and effective tools that a manager can use to motivate employees. But let's face it. Discussing and documenting a coworker's performance can set off a powder keg of personal emotions and defensive reactions. However, it doesn't have to be that way -- not if you use the right words in the right situation.

Perfect Phrases for Documenting Employee Problems provides hands-on solutions for hundreds of workplace scenarios. With a wide range of ready-to-use scripts and a handy problem-solving toolkit, you can address even the most difficult issues diplomatically and constructively.

Learn how to:

  • Find the perfect words to suit each employee review
  • Document performance in the most effective way possible
  • Build strong working relationships and boost morale
  • Increase productivity, meet deadlines, and achieve goals

Featuring actual case studies of world-class organizations like Target, General Electric, and Microsoft, this user-friendly guide gives you all the words you need to minimize employee problems and maximize performance.