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Perspective for Interior Design

Product Code/ISBN: 823040089

This popular handbook shows students and professionals how to draw accurate interior perspectives using an easy-to-learn method. Every technique is covered, from one-point and two-point perspective to camera and computer-aided drawing.

The author provides the means by which students and interior degigners can learn to draw interior perspectives through the use of a basic formula. He offers an easily accessible and quickly learned method that will serve every interior designer's drawing needs. All that is required is familiarity with plan, section, and elevation drawings and the basic skills of using drafting tools.

Beginning with a section on the fundamental technique of two-point perspective, which is presented through 14 sequential steps, Pile moves on to cover special situations including:

  • One-point perspective
  • Circular forms
  • Reflective images
  • Views from above
  • Light effects and furniture
  • Freehand perspective
  • Camera techniques
  • Case studies of 8 typical spaces, which are illustrated by 5 well-known designers
  • Analysis of finished perspectives
  • A review of computer-aided techniques

Step-by-step demonstrations, analysis of constructed layouts, and illustrations of completed works make this volume a complete and accurate guidebook!