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Plans Examiner for Fire and Emergency

Product Code/ISBN: 9780879396084

If your job involves reviewing key information and plans for fire and building codes to ensure a safe environment than Plans Examiner for Fire and Emergency Services is the next book you need to add to your collection.  This must-have manual comes completely updated with all the information you need to ensure the best public safety in a building environment when it comes to fire emergencies.  The information presented will help you to plan for fire prevention for different divisions, fire marshals, building departments, and other members of the community who are involved in risk reduction organizations.

Pack with information the 15 chapters found in this book go over standards and requirements supported by NFPA 1031: Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector and Plan Examiner.  The topics discussed support the job requirements for Plan Examiners I and II.  Over 400 different terms and definitions are highlights through the pages to enhance your learning and understanding of the subject.  There are also pictures and illustrations to go along with the text and the different subjects. 

Whether you are in a class that discusses these different emergency situations, or you are a professional that does this for a living this is the best book for you! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to add it to your collection and learn more about emergency situations and fire safety!

About the author:  Ed Prendergast retired from the Chicago Fire Department as the Chief Engineer of the Bureau of Fire Prevention after working there for 30 years.  He is one of the most respected Fire Protection Engineers in the field.  He graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology with degrees in both Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.  Now he works as an instructor in Fire Science at the City College of Chicago.   He is also a member of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.