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Plumbing & HVAC Manhour Estimates

Product Code/ISBN: 1572180412

This easy-to-use handbook contains reliable, tested manhours for installing just about any plumbing and HVAC component the average contractor or estimator is likely to encounter. Plumbing & HVAC Manhour Estimates explains how and when to apply correction factors, how to put exclusions and clarifications into your bids (includes a checklist of typical items), and what "money-saving" material selections may be unwise.


  • Includes valuable estimating tips from a pro, and explanations of just what a manhour is
  • Covers all the steps in the estimating and bidding procedure, including a sample take-off and summary sheet
  • Shows how value engineering can get you more jobs and more profit, and explains tips and pitfalls should you also find yourself project manager

Here you'll find competitive, reliable manhour tables for:

  • Piping Systems: ABS, asbestos cement, cast iron, copper, ductile iron, polypropylene, PVC, steel
  • Specialties: access doors, air chambers, air vents, backflow preventers, bolt & gasket sets, connectors, expansion tanks, flanges, flashings, hangers, meters, pot feeders, regulators, riser clamps, seals, sleeves, steam traps, stud, nut & gasket sets, supports, sway braces, thermometers & gauges, threadolets, U-bolts & nuts, valve boxes, valves, weldolets
  • Fixtures & Accessories: bathtubs, cleanouts, drains, drinking fountains, fire hydrant assemblies, flues, grates, interceptors, kitchen equipment connections, lavatories, showers, sinks, urinals, water closets
  • Ducting Systems: apparatus housings, dampers, diffusers, fiberglass ductwork, flexible duct connections, galvanized steel rectangular ductwork, galvanized steel spiral ductwork, grilles, registers, reheat coils, spin-ins, turning vanes
  • HVAC Equipment: AC units, air handling units, blowers, boilers, compressors, condensers, cooling towers, fans, heat exchangers, heaters, pumps, storage tanks, water chillers

Also provides rnanhours for thermal insulation, trenching, close-out items, piping and control valve sizing tables, plus ballpark costs for equipment rental and budget estimates. These estimates have been compiled by a mechanical engineer/estimator with 40 years experience in estimating for residential, commercial, and industrial jobs.

If you estimate the price of plumbing, you shouldn't be caught without the reliable, proven manhour estimates in this unique book. Order yours now!