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Policy, Finance, and Management for Public-Private Partnerships

Product Code/ISBN: 9781405177917

This book examines some of the key policy, financial and managerial aspects of public-private partnerships within the context of the global spread of this form of procurement. The chapters investigate political and institutional issues surrounding PPPs, together with the financial and managerial strategies employed by the private sector.

Adopting a cross-disciplinary perspective, the book highlights the often politically sensitive nature of these projects and identifies a need for the private sector to investigate a broad set of parameters which relate to the particular political economy of individual partnerships.

Policy, Finance & Management for Public-Private Partnerships covers a range of specific issues, including:

  • Partnerships in developing countries; innovation in partnership-based procurement
  • Government and business interaction
  • Institutional and organisational approaches to facilitating partnership
  • Project and corporate financing
  • Risk and value management
  • Market analysis, modelling and forecasting
  • Capital structure decisions and management
  • Investment theory and practice
  • Ppricing and cost evaluation
  • Statutory regulations and their financial implications
  • Option pricing; financial monitoring
  • Syndicate funding; new roles for the financial and insurance sectors
  • Institutional and multilateral funding
  • Payment mechanisms
  • Concession period determination
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Whole life value methodology
  • Cost comparators and best value
  • Team building, team work, and skill development

Contributions from Australia, Europe, the Far East, South Africa, and the United States together present the thinking and state-of-the-art approaches to public-private partnerships.