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Predictive Tools: Closing the Performance Gap

Product Code/ISBN: B000M8HKDU

With all of the tools and systems available in the construction industry to the project manager, why do we still have surprise cost overruns, schedule delays, and unsuccessful projects? The objective was to develop a process using "predictive tools" that assists a project team during all project stages.

The team found that many predictive tools, systems, and processes are available to monitor and track a project, but the industry has neither combined nor accumulated these tools into a comprehensive package. The research team focused on developing a predictive tool process.

This publication summarizes two important tools, the CAPP and the Predictive Tools Road Map, both of which a project team can utilize during all phases of a project to improve the predictability of project success.

Predictive Tools: Closing the Performance Gap puts these tools together in one spot for any project team to utilize for tracking and monitoring all projects!