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Preparing Projects for Site Construction

Product Code/ISBN: 9780971987210

Somewhere between the seams, within the cracks and crevices of developing real estate lies a body of knowledge scribed through hard knocks, failure, and sweet success. For those involved in developing raw property or contemplating site construction, this book provides a mountain of salient information on how to more effectively setup projects from conception through design. Preparing Projects for Site Construction is an indispensable reference library of savvy, practical, and essential information necessary for executing smart planning and profitable land development.

This book provides project owners, consultants, builders, and government authorities with a deeper and more advanced understanding of the dynamics that drive land planning, design, and engineering in preparation for site construction. Simply put-they don't teach this stuff in school.

Learn how to:

  • Handle steep and broken terrain
  • Avoid mistakes common in planning land development
  • Generate better plans, specifications, and project documents
  • Build more complete cost estimates and dependable budgets
  • Capitalize on opportunities by taking advantage of what the land will give
  • Strategize, establish, and maintain consultant, contractor, and buyer control
  • Strengthen team structure resulting in enhanced design and timely engineering
  • Avoid poor weather, inaccurate topography, and surprise subsurface conditions
  • Integrate road design with slope analysis and alternative grading plans to produce minimal-cost site layouts
  • Develop sensitive areas, utilize native trees, and recycle dirt, rock, woody material, and demolition debris

If you're looking for the book on land development, you need this practical reference!