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Primary Care Centres, Second Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780750666961

Primary Care Centres explores the process of planning and designing buildings for frontline medical practice. Taking as a starting point the concept that good design contributes directly to healthy living, the book shows beneficial effects that a good design brief can bring to the staff, patients and visitors of health care facilities.

It outlines principles for designs that are both practical and useful. International case studies of healthcare facilities in the UK, US, Japan and South Africa provide technical detail and give best practice examples of well-designed healthy living centres, with an emphasis on building performance.

Previously known as Health Living Centres, the Second Edition of this successful text provides trusted guidance on investing in effective architecture for architects and project managers involved in the design of healthcare facilities. This is one of the few texts to provide global and UK based examples of health care facility design.


  • Essential reading for the 500 Primary Health Care Groups in the UK and for architects involved in designing health care facilities
  • Comprehensive technical coverage of primary health care planning and design
  • Exploration of the design process, focusing on the relationship between the architectural and medical profession