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Principles of Contracting

Product Code/ISBN: 9780826938206

This is the perfect jump-starting manual in the construction contracting process. The process can be difficult and if you don’t get an easy to understand book, you might be in more trouble than when you started. It explains to you in detail everything from building codes to job-site safety to business ownership and more. Published with the most up-to-date information, Principles of Contracting is a book you won’t want to start your next project without. Order yours today!

Table of Contents




Learner Resources

  1. Construction Project Types
    1. Residential Projects
    2. Commercial Projects
  2. Construction Project Participants
    1. Project Team Members
    2. Supplementary Project Participants
  3. Business Ownership
    1. Business Structure Types
    2. Business Initiation
  4. Labor Relations
    1. Labor in the Construction Industry
    2. Organized Labor
    3. Employee Relations
  5. Designer Responsibilities
    1. Contract Document Development
    2. Scope of Work and Budget
    3. Design Phases
    4. Contract Procurement and Administration
  6. Project Financing
    1. Project Planning
    2. Project Funding
  7. Construction Building and Zoning Codes
    1. Building Codes
    2. Building Code Sections
    3. Zoning Codes
  8. Building Reuse and Sustainability
    1. Building Reuse
    2. Historic Preservation
    3. Sustainable Design
  9. Construction Contract Documents
    1. Drawings
    2. Drawing Types
    3. Project Manuals
  10. Bidding and Negotiation
    1. Bidding Process
    2. Competitive Bidding
    3. Contract Negotiation
    4. Awarding Contracts
  11. Construction Insurance and Bonds
    1. Risk Management
    2. Liability Insurance
    3. Property Insurance
    4. Employee Insurance
    5. Insurance Documentation
    6. Construction Bonds
  12. Construction Project Management
    1. Preconstruction Activities
    2. Project Managers
    3. Field Superintendents
  13. Subcontractors and Suppliers
    1. Specialized Construction
    2. Subcontractors
    3. Material and Equipment Suppliers
  14. Construction Job-Site Safety
    1. Job-Site-Safety
    2. Accident Prevention
    3. Company Safety Programs
  15. Project Closeout
    1. Initiating Project Closeout
    2. Finalizing Project Closeout


Area – Plane Figures

Volume – Solid Figures

Architectural Symbols

Plot Plan Symbols

Architectural Graphic Symbols