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Print Reading for Industry 10th

Product Code/ISBN: 9781631260513

Print Reading for Industry, 10th Edition is a must-have manual for students at the beginning or intermediate levels as well as those who need some on-the-job training!  This book gives you the perfect introduction to how to interpret and visualize the drawings and prints that are used in the industrial industry.  The brand new 10th edition comes with new information that goes over the role of prints in a digital age like today and also updates the amount of information giving for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing to current standards.

This essential text covers everything from the foundational skills needed for print reading including basic mathematics, geometry, and measurement tools.  To help increase your understanding there are actual prints that have been used in the industry included.  This helps students or those who are doing on the job training become familiar with the process and look of the prints used.  Also included for your understanding there are many different real-life scenarios and exercises provided.  There is even special coverage over different parts of the print including the application of fasteners, gears, and plastic parts.  If you are involved in print reading at all, or just need to brush up on the basics then this is a great guide to add to you library!

Table of Contents

  1. Prints: The Language of Industry
  2. Line Conventions and Lettering
  3. Title Blocks and Part Lists
  4. Geometric Terms and Construction
  5. Multiview Drawings
  6. Section Views
  7. Auxiliary Views
  8. Screw Thread Representation
  9. Dimensioning
  10. Tolerancing
  11. Machining Specifications and Drawing Notes
  12. Surface Texture Symbols
  13. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  14. Drawing Revision Systems
  15. Detail Drawing
  16. Assembly Drawing
  17. Spring and Fasteners in Industrial Prints
  18. Gears, Splines, and Serrations
  19. Cam Diagrams and Prints
  20. Plastic Parts
  21. Precision Sheet Metal Parts
  22. Welding Prints
  23. Instruction and Control Drawings