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Projects for Your Shop

Product Code/ISBN: 1561586897

The projects in this book are no-nonsense, straightforward pieces designed to improve both your workshop and your woodworking skills. When learning to build a set of sawhorses, you'll become familiar with a circular saw.

As you build a workbench, you'll become more skilled with the circular saw and learn the ins and outs of a router and biscuit joiner as well. When you make a stand and outfeed tables for your table saw, you'll learn to join a case piece using biscuits task you'll encounter repeatedly as a woodworker. Building a router table, you'll learn another common method for building cases -- using the table saw to cut dadoes and rabbets.

Whether you're interested in building bookshelves around the house or framing up a shed out back, this book walks you through building the basic accessories you'll need to make your shop run as smoothly as any good tool.