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Renovation, Fifth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781631869600

This book is concerned with what and why as much as it is with how-to. From foundations to finish flooring, you'll find the tools and materials you'll need, the problems you may encounter, and workable solutions to see you through.

Because the information in each chapter follows the sequence of an actual renovation, you'll know what to anticipate at every stage. Equally important, Renovation's often-ingenious solutions will help you deal with the unexpected situations that are a part of every renovation.

Everything is addressed in this guide, from the commonplace:

  • Lumber specifications
  • Nailing schedules
  • Interest tables
  • Wiring diagrams
  • And more!

To the more esoteric:

  • Soil classification tables
  • Snow load maps
  • Steel beam specifications
  • Spanish tile roofing methods
  • And more!

This handy reference remains one of the essential guides to renovation, and any renovator lacking a copy will want it. The graphic information displayed in the diagrams, line drawings, charts, and graphs works remarkably well, not only as a visual reference but even as a comprehensive building manual that includes materials, techniques, and design specifications.

This outstanding compilation of home construction and remodeling information is highly recommended for any builder or remodeler who renovates the older home!