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Residential Drafting and Design 12th Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781631263156

If you are looking for the perfect book to help introduce you to the world of architecture, both traditional and computer based, then look no further! This is the perfect guide for you.  Residential Drafting and Design, 12th Edition covers all the new age techniques and practices while also covering the older styles and fundamentals.  This is the perfect introduction text for you!


This must-have guide covers everything from green building technology to building information modeling to sustainable design and CAAD methods.  There are also new features in this edition that cover techniques for creating a 3D parametric model of a building.  At the end of every chapter there are activities and different testing-based questions to help make sure you understand everything reviewed in the chapter. Order your copy today!


Table of Contents

Architectural Drafting Fundamentals

Architectural Styles
Basic House Designs
Preparing for a Career in Architecture
Drawing Instruments and Technical Sketching
Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting and Design

Architectural Planning

Primary Residential Design Considerations
Planning the Living Area
Planning the Sleeping Area
Planning the Service Area
Designing for Health and Safety
Designing for Sustainability
Building Information Modeling
Planning for Remodeling and Renovation

Plan Development

Floor Plans
Foundation Plans
Site Plans
Roof Designs

Construction Systems and Supplemental Drawings

Footings, Foundations, and Concrete
Sill and Floor Construction
Wall and Ceiling Construction
Doors and Windows
Building Sections
Stair Details
Fireplace, Chimney, and Stove Details

Presentation Methods

Perspective Drawings
Presentation Drawings
Architectural Models

Electrical, Plumbing, and Climate Control

Residential Electrical
Electrical Plans
Residential Plumbing
Plumbing Plans
Residential Climate Control
Climate Control Plans

Specifications and Estimating Costs

Estimating Building Costs