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Residential Foundations

Product Code/ISBN: 0867184612

Foundations are the foundings that all buildings rely on to keep them in place. Designing and building foundations right in the first place can eliminate most problems that appear after the home has been built (and when it's much more expensive to repair). Foundations must be designed for the specific site conditions, soil types, and floor plans.

Residential Foundations describes all major foundation types and provides step-by-step instructions on how to plan and construct stable, safe, efficient foundations, with topics ranging from soil conditions and estimating, to using precast panels and planning for water control. Full of photographs, illustrations, and checklists to help you build better foundations for all residential homes.

Residential Foundations is your comprehensive guide to constructing foundations for new homes. The chapters explore the factors that must be considered while planning a foundation and walk you through the steps that comprise the construction of each type of residential foundation.

Author Jim Carr gives step-by-step instructions on how to construct stable, safe, efficient foundations. Discusses how soil conditions, site-specific circumstances, building materials and local regulations impact the foundation. A checklist at the end of each chapter summarizes the main points.