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Residential Wiring and Smart Home Technology 4th Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780826918338

An up-to-date and comprehensive source, Residential Wiring and Smart Home Technology focuses on the principles, installation, and operation of wired and wireless residential electrical and electronic systems. New topics include smart home infrastructure, security and fire alarm systems, and energy management applications supported by the smart grid, and this edition provides expanded material on utility power generation and distribution, electrical safety, and NEC® guidelines. A lifestyle applications chapter covers improvements to convenience and comfort provided by smart home technology.


Stay informed about the principles, installation, and maintenance of residential electrical systems. Also covered are:


power generation, distribution and smart grid systems

electrical quantities and voltage sources

electrical grounding and protection

electrical safety, tools, and test instruments

electrical prints and diagrams

electrical connections

nonmetallic-sheathed cable

metallic-sheathed cable




smart home infrastructure

service entrances and smart utility meters

smart home security

smart home energy management

smart home lifestyle applications