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Rigging, Hoisting, and Signaling Practices

Product Code/ISBN: 9780826936516

Are you involved in lifting operations or want to learn more about crane type and dynamics?  Do you want to learn more about safe practices for rigging, hoisting, and lifting? This is a must have book for you! Rigging, Hoisting, and Signaling Practices is an introduction to topics such as equipment, procedures, and calculations.  These topics are crucial and required to practice safe handling and transportation of materials by hoists or cranes.  Some of the points that are discussed in this book include crane types and dynamics, lift planning, weight and balance, hoists, lifting procedures, sling loads, rigging components, equipment handling, signaling procedures, and industry standards and certifications.  Filled with graphics, demonstrations, calculations and all the details of how to rig, you won’t want to miss out on the necessary guide!


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