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Road Ecology: Science and Solutions

Product Code/ISBN: 9781559639330

Transportation is critical to business and profit but what cost does increasing transportation have on nature and the environment around us? Information about this impact has been previous scattered throughout various reports but with this one-of-a-kind guide all of the information is gathered into one place. For anyone who is studying or wanting to learn more about the ecological effects of roads and vehicles around us this is the perfect guide.

The information in this must-have book is presented by a list of 14 leading ecologists and transportation experts.  Through them you will learn more about principles of science that accompany ecology as well as specific examples that demonstrate this.  To help you understand more of the information there are more than 100 illustrations and examples from the real world demonstrating everything you will learn.  This is a great guide for transportation departments, federal agencies, or non-governmental agencies and workers that have an interest in this field.

From its effect on wildlife and vegetation, to how the different ecosystems respond to advances in transportation this is a critical and help guide to help you learn more about your stamp on the environment.  We only have one world, so we must do everything we can to preserve it!

Table of Contents




The Metric System in North America


Part I – Roads Vehicles and Ecology

Foundations of Road Ecology


Part II – Vegetation and Wildlife

Roadsides and Vegetation
Wildlife Populations
Mitigation for Wildlife


Part III – Water, Chemicals and Atmosphere

Water and Sediment Flows
Chemicals Along Roads
Aquatic Ecosystems
Wind and Atmospheric Effects


Part IV – Road Systems and Further Perspectives

Road Systems Linked with the Land
The Four Landscapes with Major
Roads and Vehicles in Natural Landscapes
Further Perspectives



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