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RS Means Assemblies Costs Book 2020

Product Code/ISBN: 9781950656004


Using the UNIFORMAT II numbering system as a guideline for consistent estimating and reporting, the 2020 RS Means Assemblies Costs Book provides you with thousands of building assembly and component costs.

With the accompanying drawings, explanations, component breakdowns, and reference tables all within one easy-to-use format you can quickly estimate a building's square foot cost and easily compare and price alternatives.

You'll find separate reference aids to assist you in budgeting any job, or in quickly checking a unit price estimate or subcontractor proposal. Unit prices allow you to cost out virtually any combination of building components or assemblies in the logical sequence of how the building is built.

The 2020 Edition features:

  • All the building components required to develop accurate square foot cost estimates and verify unit price estimates
  • Diagrams, descriptions, specifications, and costs
  • Costs to assist in making design-build budgetary decisions based on preliminary or conceptual information
  • Updated reference information and cost planning guidelines
  • Square foot costs for 58 typical building types
  • Easy-to-use estimating forms and index
  • City Cost Indexes and Location Factors for material and installation for more than 900 zip code locations in the U.S. and selected locations in Canada (including "How to Use" information)

Plus, with this all-new edition of RS Means Square Foot Costs Book you get:

  • FREE RS Means Hotline - Personalized help in using RS Means cost data effectively in your estimating
  • FREE email subscription to the RS Means quarterly update service online newsletter - A comprehensive report on market indicators and construction price trends