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RS Means Concrete & Masonry Costs Book 2020

Product Code/ISBN: 9781950656035

Fully revised and updated, the 2020 RS Means Concrete and Masonry Costs Book  contains the latest unit price data, with illustrated concrete and masonry assemblies cost tables, helpful reference data and estimating aids.

This is your guide to fast, accurate concrete and masonry estimating in 2020.

Your 2020 RS Means Concrete and Masonry Costs Book  includes additional cost data in the following sections:

  • Updated unit prices for structual steel, reinforcing rods, and ready mix concrete
  • Coverage of selective demolition line items across multiple divisions
  • Concrete surface treatments, including the latest additives, agents, and compounds
  • Masonry cleaning and restoration, with cleaning and caulking products and techniques
  • New unit prices for over 8,000 construction components, from decorative concrete block to handicap access ramps

You'll find this data is your ideal source for pricing, cost comparisons, scheduling assistance, and unit price estimating.

If you estimate concrete or masonry you need this cost data at your fingertips. Order yours now!