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RS Means Heavy Construction Costs Book 2020

Product Code/ISBN: 9781950656097


This 34rd Edition will help you prepare complete and accurate heavy construction estimates. For public works officials, contractors, facilities managers, developers, civil engineers, any professional in need of current cost data for heavy construction.

With the 2020 RS Means Heavy Construction Costs Book, you get costs for all types of heavy construction – from highways, bridges, utilities, rails and marine projects, to sanitary and storm sewer projects - which lets you estimate a wider range of street and roadway construction. This cost data is excellent for DOC, JOC, SABER, and BOS projects.

Valuable information includes 14,000 up-to-date price assemblies cost tables, and estimating reference section, crew tables, and costs for new construction; demolition work; repairs; replacements and change orders. Global prices and availability of oil, steel and cement are impacting a number of product lines – the 2020 Edition will tell you which ones.

This all-new-cost data guide offers complete coverage for:

  • Subsurface Investigation
  • Excavation, Demolition and Reclamation
  • Site Preparation and Foundations
  • Materials, Equipment
  • Sheeting, Cofferdams, Earthwork
  • Pre-engineered Structures
    • Tunneling and Microtunneling
  • Bridges, Piles, Caissons
  • Railroad, Marine Work and Airports
  • Paving, Surfacing and Striping
  • Water, Fuel Distribution and Piped Utilities
  • Sewerage, Drainage and Dewatering
  • Ponds, Reservoirs, Waterways
  • Power Communications
  • Site Improvements and Landscaping
  • Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Assemblies for Sewer, Transportation and Waterways

If you estimate heavy construction costs, here's where you'll find the up-to-date costs you'll need for just about every type of project. Order yours today!