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RS Means Residential Costs Book 2020

Product Code/ISBN: 9781950656165

 The 2020 RS Means Residential Costs Book, 37th Edition, book includes square foot costs, assemblies and unit prices. Every aspect of residential construction pricing is organized into three major estimating sections: square foot costs, assemblies costs, and unit costs.

The 2020 RS Means Residential Costs Book book provides:

  • Square Foot Costs - More than 30 reliable square foot cost models for popular types of residential construction in a simple-to-use format
  • Assemblies Costs - 100 commonly used residential construction systems with a wide variety of alternative specifications and prices
  • Unit Costs - Residential unit costs covering more than 10,000 items for the major CSI divisions
  • Location Factors - Over 900 US zip codes and selected locations in Canada to adjust material and labor costs
  • Updated "How to Use" pages
  • Reference Section - 30 pages of definitive information on construction costs, how costs are developed, and where they come from

The building types covered by this comprehensive resource are residential single-family and multi-family economy, average, custom and luxury buildings

This all-new cost data guide also includes:

  • Easy-to-use, reliable price information for adjusters, architects, contractors, developers, finance professionals, and project managers
  • Adjust your preliminary estimate as design decisions are made, compare systems and costs, and customize assemblies for improved estimating accuracy
  • Spot-check a price, fine-tune your preliminary figures, and put together a unit price estimate from site work to finish work

If you want the "Cadilac" of residential estimating costbooks - this is your book. Order yours today!