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RS Means Site Work & Landscape Costs Book 2020

Product Code/ISBN: 9781950656172

Release Date: 12/13/2019


The 2020 RS Means Site Work and Landscape Costs Book book includes unit and assemblies cost tables for sewerage, piped utilities, site improvements, handicapped access ramps, drainage, paving, street openings, repairs, trees and shrubs, underground tanks, railroad and marine work, walls, site work and landscape construction of all types.

Plan, budget, and estimate site work construction with 100% confidence with this comprehensive cost manual.

With 2020 RS Means Site Work and Landscape Costs Book you get:

  • Data that's in step with 2020 estimating for infrastructure improvements, environmentally oriented construction, hazardous waste, ADA-mandated handicapped access
  • Polyethylene pipe, insulated concrete forms, aerators, soil nailing, concrete curbs, demolition items, utilities and security items
  • A large unit price section that lets you prepare accurate, and complete estimates
  • The latest guidelines and background references for solving site work estimating problems
  • 57 tables of assemblies costs
  • Updated City Cost Indexes and Location Factors
  • Data that conforms to the latest CSI Masterformat Master List of Numbers and Titles for Unit Prices and UNIFORMAT II numbering system for the Assemblies section

If you estimate sitework and landscaping, this book should be your standard on pricing. Order your copy now!