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Significant Changes to the California Building Code - 2019 Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 5521S19

The 2019 Significant Changes to the California Building Code book analyzes the major updates in the new 2019 California Building Code, including modfications made to both nonstructural and structural regulations. These updates are reflected in the appropriate section with the corresponding information and graphics to provide details on what was changed. Along with that, real-world scenarios are provided to allow for additional understanding and assist in the transition.

This amazing book provides you with ...

  • Clarification of the complex language of the code --  with a full-color illustration, photograph or example for every significant change to enhance comprehension and reduce the potential for misinterpretation
  • A detailed table of contents, part summaries, change summaries and in-depth discussion of the significance of each change
  • Clear notations of key changes, including deleted code language shown with a strike-through and new code text indicated as underlined text
    • Quick and accurate identification of key information with a logical organization that follows the layout of the California Residential Code, including chapter, section number and title format.