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Significant Changes to the California Residential Code - 2019 Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 5526S19

The Significant Changes to the California Residential Code, 2019 Edition provides all of the updates from the 2016 edition all in one simple resource! Updated are regulations that are important, commonly used or have a significant update. Real-world scenarios are used to provide further comprehension and when combined with a synopsis of the change, allows for a simplifed changeover from the 2016 version


- You will receive clarification on the language of the code with full-color illustrations to enhance your comprehension and reduce your chances for false impressions.

- You will receive an improved understanding with detailed table of contents, part summaries, change summaries and in-depth discussion of the change significance

- You will be provided with clear notations of key changes, including strike-throughs for deleted code language and underlines for new code text

- This book will facilitate quick and accurate identification of key information with a logical organization that follows the layout of the 2019 California Residential Code, including chapter, section number and title format