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Simplified Design of Steel Structures, Eighth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780470086315

Examining a wide range of steel structures, building types, and construction details, Simplified Design of Steel Structures is a reliable, easy-to-use handbook that covers all commonly used steel systems, practices, and research in the field, reinforced with examples of practical designs and general building structural systems.

The Eighth Edition of this leading book in the noted Parker/Ambrose Series of Simplified Design Guides has been updated to conform to building codes, design practices, and industry standards.

Featuring a wealth of illustrations, expanded text examples, exercise problems, and a helpful glossary, this outstanding tool:

  • Uses the updated American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) method of structural design
  • Provides fundamental and real-world coverage of steel structures that assumes no previous experience
  • Includes valuable study aids such as exercise problems, questions, and word lists to enhance usability

Includes types of steel products, most frequently used connection methods, use of steel columns and beams, resistance factors, design methods. horizonal span framing systems, factors in beam design, nominal capacity of steel beams, shear and buckling in steel beams, defection allowances, and load tables.

You'll find information on flat span trusses, concentrated load effects in beams, beam bearing plates, steel columns, frame bents, composite structural elements, steel connections -- bolted and welded, as well as dead, live and lateral loads on steel frames, and how to determine design loads.