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Site Furnishings

Product Code/ISBN: 9780470391839

Have you ever sat in a public outdoor space and not enjoyed the furnishings around you? Have you seen an outdoor space and loved the design but thought the furniture could use improvement? Do you wish your furniture was better but don’t really have the “eye” to improve it? If you find yourself asking these questions then Site Furnishings: A Complete Guide to the Planning, Selection and Use of Landscape Furniture and Amenities is the book for you.

This book is perfect for designers, landscape architects, contractors, civil engineers, urban planners, and other professionals alike. It gives you the technical information and concepts you need to succeed in furnishing outside. It provides you with methods of installation, maintenance, and different step-by-step plans for implementation. It will also give you an in-depth analysis of how management can play a role in outdoor furnishing through a study at the design of New York’s Bryant Park.

This is a perfect guide for the next public outdoor space on your list! You won’t want to start another outdoor space project without it, so order your copy today!

This book is brought to you by Bill Main and Gail Greet Hannah. Main is an honorary ASLA and is President of the Landscape Forums. He is one of the premier designers for outdoor and commercial furniture and received his BSLA and MBA from Michigan State University. Hannah is a freelance writer who typically works for companies like Knoll and Landscape Forms. She has also authored several other design books.

Table of Contents




  1. The Role of Furniture in Outdoor Spaces
  2. The Furniture Plan
  3. Types of Spaces
  4. Seating
  5. Receptacles
  6. Other Site Furniture Elements and Accessories
  7. Selecting Site Furniture
  8. Accessible Design
  9. Management
  10. Materials and Finishes
  11. Installation and Maintenance
  12. Sustainability

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