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Spec Building: Apartment, Office, Retail

Product Code/ISBN: 1557013608

Spec Building is an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to develop, construct, manage, and/or sell an apartment, office, or retail property. This book leads you step-by-step through the process of developing and marketing successful investment properties.

Inside the pages you'll find information on:

  • Doing a market study and feasibility analysis
  • Negotiating for the land
  • Working with subcontractors
  • Marketing strategies to sell your property
  • Managing the property if you decide to keep it

Spec building is risky, but everything in this book is oriented to maximizing your potential for a profitable enterprise, while keeping risk to minimum. Essential checklists and forms are presented and discussed. Along the way the reader will find a wealth of practical information, tips and guidelines. A real effort is made to minimize your financial exposure by showing you how to keep accumulated expenditures in line.

The author believes that there are two fundamental requirements for success as a spec builder:

  1. Every dollar spent must yield more than a dollar in cash benefit
  2. Your investment in time and money must be proportional to your confidence in the project

This book is guaranteed to make you, the developer, better at planning, building, managing, and selling investment properties!