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Stair Design and Layout, Second Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780826907479

Stair Layout takes all factors of stair building into account, ranging from layout and design to building tips. This handy reference presents information on the design, layout, procedures, and materials used for residential and commercial stairways.

Stair building is presented with methods for laying out, cutting, and installing:

  • Stair carriages
  • Cleated stringers
  • Dadoed stringers
  • Housed stringers
  • Mitered stringers
  • And more!

Simplified techniques show and explain the complex steps required to lay out and build stairs. By applying the rules outlined in this book, it is possible to design and build straight stairs, stairs with landings, and winding stairs all with proper headroom and unit rise to unit run ratio.

This new edition includes updated:

  • Residential and commercial codes
  • ADA accessibility information
  • Stairway building materials
  • Tools

A section on Canadian stairway requirements and construction is also included in the appendix.