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Structural Engineering Solved Problems, Fifth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781591263760

Structural Engineering Solved Problems contains 100 practice problems designed to help you recognize critical concepts and apply your knowledge of structural engineering topics. Practice problems are organized by level of difficulty within each chapter.

Use the qualitative short-answer practice problems that begin each chapter to assess your comprehension of fundamental structural engineering concepts. Then, solve the increasingly complex design and analysis problems to challenge your skill in identifying and applying related codes and equations.

After solving each practice problem, you can refer to the corresponding solution. Each explanation demonstrates the steps needed to reach the correct solution. Alternative solution methods are presented where appropriate. Relevant codes and standards are referenced so you can easily see where to find the required information.

Since the Structural Engineering (SE) exam and the Civil PE exam's structural depth section require a thorough understanding of relevant codes, Structural Engineering Solved Problems is based on the following:

  • AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design (2010)
  • ACI 318 (2008)
  • ACI 530/530.1 (TMS 402/602) (2008)
  • AISC 13th edition (2005)
  • ASCE 7 (2005)
  • IBC (2009)
  • NDS (2005)
  • PCI (2004)