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Suburban Remix: Creating the Next Generation of Urban Places

Product Code/ISBN: 9781610918626

What once was the mindset of living in the city and being close to the action has shifted to more of a suburbia desire. As our cities fill up and space becomes the most valuable commodity, our countries desires have shifted back to living in the quiet suburbs. This book can teach you what to do to make those suburbs more appealing, and more importantly how to stay relevant in the future. Those moving from the city still desire some of benefits from living in the hustle and bustle, and this guide will tell you what changes to make to make sure your suburban complex is at its most enticing yet.

From planning to urban design to real estate development this manual has all you need from the experts who paved the way!

Table of Contents



I – Setting the Stage

1. Urbanizing the Suburbs: The Major Development Trend of the Next Generation by Christopher Leinberger
2. From the Rise of Suburbs to the Great Reset by David Dixon

II – Suburban Markets

3. Housing by Laurie Volk, Todd Zimmerman, and Christopher Volk-Zimmerman
4. Office By Sarah Woodworth
5. Retail by Michael J. Berne

III – Case Studies for Walkable Urban Places

6. Blueprint for a Better Region: Washington, DC by Stewart Schwartz
7. Tysons, Virginia by Linda Hollis and Sterling Wheeler
8. From Dayton Mall to Miami Crossing, Ohio by Chris Snyder
9. Shanghai’s Journey in Urbanizing Suburbia by Tianyao Sun
10. North York Center: An Example of Canada’s Urbanizing Suburbs by Harold Madi Simon O’Byrne
11. Dubli, Ohio: Bridge Street Corridor by Terry Foegler
12. The Arlington Experiment in Urbanizing Suburbia by Christopher Zimmerman
13. From Village to City: Bellevue, Washington by Mark Hinshaw

IV – Bringing it All Together

14. Planning by David Dixon
15. Placemaking by Jason Beske

Conclusion by Jason Beske and David Dixon

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