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Successful RFPs in Construction

Product Code/ISBN: 71449094

This is a step-by-step guide for managing the RFP process in a way that saves time, money, enhances team collaboration, and assures quality in construction.

Focusing on the negotiated contract method (as opposed to the competitive bid method), Successful RFPs in Construction takes readers from articulating the needs/wish list for a construction project, to the analysis of responses and interviews, through negotiations and finalization of the deal.

This is a roadmap for:

  • Preparing, understanding, and assessing the quality of information in an RFP
  • Gathering critical, project-specific information from local databases
  • Adding value to the process by assisting consultants in marketing and project management capabilities
  • Selecting and working with a team early in the process to stay on-schedule and on-budget
  • Improving the materials selection process and the end-result overall quality of construction

Example and template forms make it easy to create a successful RFP process.